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The plot thickens.

Not content with censorship, the SotA development team has recently taken to mockery as a tactic against what it sees as attacks from its critics and fans, whom I might add are the very supporters that gave them money and the opportunity to make the game…

I’ve said enough. Hear it from the horse’s mouth.

“Forsaken Virtues” is right.

Starr Long, commenting about a recent uprising in the Dev+ forums regarding Portalarium’s failure to deliver “regularly scheduled Unity asset packs” that were promised to pledgers at the Developer level and above ($400+), said the following:

At this point, it has become clear that honoring the original promise is not realistic nor feasible.

But wait, not only has Portalarium failed to deliver on its promises, but they stealthily reworded the description of the reward over 1 year after their Kickstarter concluded! Starr also had the following to excuse to make about their behavior:

That is why we responded to the suggestion earlier in the thread to change the wording of the reward. We should have warned you all that we were doing that but we failed to do so because of all the other issues on our plate (remember all of us are wearing multiple hats and often have conflicting priorities we are focused on). We have now gone back and restored the original wording and crossed it out with a brief explanation as to why it changed.

“Forsaken Virtues” is right.