Portalarium Continues Intimidation and Banning Spree

Posted: June 18, 2014 in Commentary, News, Shroud of the Avatar

Prominent community member enderandrew targeted by moderators with threats of banning quits Shroud of the Avatar community:


I’m one step away from a ban for trying to be helpful and honest.

The moderation staff have made it clear to me that I’m not welcome here so I’m taking my leave.

Official Portalarium response to community concerns about moderation practices:


Commentary from the one-and-only InsaneMembrane:


“Forsaken Virtues” is right.

  1. Stephen Page says:

    I wonder who has the perm ban record? Not a single one of my threads would have been moderated on any other forum but SOTA? They are a complete bunch of utter nazi’s and make the SOTA community a thing of toxic poison. The mods have even started quoting VIRTUES as to why you receive a ban, I shit you not.

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