Portalarium Amplifies Propaganda Campaign for Shroud of the Avatar

Posted: June 16, 2014 in Commentary, News, Shroud of the Avatar

Propaganda Minister Garriot

In a move that could only be described as inspired, Portalarium’s “public relations” efforts have redoubled in the face of growing dissent and discontent in their community.

Here is an example of their latest efforts:

Shroud of the Avatar developers want backers to ‘feel like partners’

It should be noted that the reason Portalarium is using Polygon for their Shroud of the Avatar propaganda campaign is that they find cooperation with a moderation team there which censors comments and bans users for expressing negative opinions towards the subject of their articles.

In fact, the very article I have linked to has been censored and washed clean of any dissenting opinions.

“Forsaken Virtues” is right.

  1. Stephen Page says:

    I have been censored constantly when I critique this dreadful dreadful game. Every time I attempted to start a debate about the game, the aims, goals, graphics, map, houses, skill system and combat my account has either been banned or had the post deleted. Another of their favourites is ‘closing topics’. I honestly have never come across a more draconian bunch of nazi’s in my entire life, they give the community a terrible name. :-/

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